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Graduate Program in Economic Development –  PPGDE

Advanced Studies on Economic Development

The Graduate Program in Economic Development (PPGDE) at the Federal University of Parana (UFPR), Brazil, is promoting a cycle of intensive courses on Advanced Studies on Economic Development during 2016.

These courses will be ministered by the PPGDE’s Professors in partnership with foreigners Professors from international universities. On this action, PPGDE brings to the academic and non-academic audience the opportunity to be in contact with the state of art in several thematic related to the field of economic development. These courses encompass theoretical, historical and quantitative approaches and its issues are listed below.

• Complexity and Economics (June, 2016)
• Applied Computable General Equilibrium Models (July, 2016)
• Business History (September, 2016)
• Institutions and Economics (2nd Semester, 2016)

Economics and Complexity

The cycle of Advanced Studies in Economic Development starts with the topic Complexity and Economics, which has become an increasing and promising field of research in all area of knowledge. New concepts, theories and methods are helping scientists and policy makers to improve and extend their comprehension about the reality.

In social science, especially in economics, the complexity science is helping to gain access to the black box of interactions among agents at different levels, connecting the micro behavior to macro consequences in a new and instigating way, far beyond the traditional representative agent approach. For the first time in the history of science, new computational methods allow for the exploration of the world of interaction among agents, making visible a significant portion of reality that has been covered by the tunic of in visibility.

The economic development is full of complexities. It is a dynamic, cumulative, heterogeneous, multi-level, diversified and evolutionary phenomenon that evolves continually and sometimes disruptively.


Registration for the Advances in Dynamics and Economic Development: Economics and Complexity is open from:

10 May, 2016 to 30 May, 2016.

To fill on-line form, please visit the web-page:   


No fee will be charge. Please, do not fill the form if you are not sure to participate.


Students - 30
Researchers, Professor - 15
Community - 5


The non-resident participants should arrange the accommodations, including hotels and meals. If help is needed, please, contact the PPGDE Secretariat for assistance.

Course Coordination

Prof. João Basilio Pereima
Fone +55(041) 3360-4397
[email protected]

PPGDE Secretariat - Contact

Aurea Koch or  Andréa Silva
Fone: +55(041) 3360-4400, 3360-4405
[email protected]