Brazilian Association of Graduate Programs in Economics

Haralambos Simeonidis adopted Brazil as his homeland, more precisely the state of Rio Grande do Sul. He had a bachelor degree in Economics obtained at the UFRGS and graduated in Economics at the Ohio State University. In addition, he participated in many academic and professional training programs in Brazil and overseas.

He worked as a professor and a researcher at the Center of Studies in Economics at the UFRGS (the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) since 1965 until his death. In the academic field, he participated in countless scientific conferences, performed as a dissertation advisor, and contributed to relevant research initiatives, mostly related to the economy of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. He also performed as a consultant.

Simeonidis was an active member of all initiatives concerning the interests of the field of Economics, a remarkable, constant figure in the ANPEC activities since its creation. He represented the UFRGS in the Governing Council of the ANPEC and also performed as an active participant in the annual meetings. He was also a former editor of the journal EconomiA. He put his best effort, heart and intelligence in all he did. His sudden death affected not only those who worked with him at the UFRGS, but also those who had become used to have him as an example of modesty, dedication and active effort.

  ANPEC 10.05.2015


Established in 1982, the Haralambos Simeonidis prize is awarded annually to the best papers, books and doctorate thesis published in the field of Economics. The prize aims to promote and acknowledge the best efforts made in economic research and thinking.