Brazilian Association of Graduate Programs in Economics


The ANPEC will promote in 2017 the 45th National Meeting of Economics. The event will take place in the SERHS NATAL Hotel's center convention in Natal/RN, from 12/12/2017 to 12/15/2017.

Check below the regulations for submitting papers and the composition of the scientific committee.


1 - Deadline for submission: 07/21/2017

2 - Cost: R$150,00 (a hundred and fifty reais)

3 - Paper format information:

  1. Maximum length of the paper is 20 pages, including bibliographic references and attachments;
  2. A4 size paper;
  3. Arial or Times New Roman font, size 12;
  4. Simple spacing between lines;
  5. At least 1,5cm in the lateral margin;
  6. At least 2,0cm in the superior and inferior margins;
  7. The title page must contain: name of the author(s) and institutional filiation; abstract (in Portuguese and English); key-words (in Portuguese and English); ANPEC area indication and JEL classification of the paper.

It will only be accepted papers in Word 6.0 (or superior) to Windows or Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF).

4 - Paper submission:

Each paper must be submitted through the online form, which will be available in this website between 06/07/2017 and 07/21/2017.

The paper submission (maximum size of 10Mb) and generation of the bank bill due to the submission fee will also be done though the online form.

It won’t be necessary to send printed copies of the paper to the ANPEC’s office.

Each paper must be submitted only by electronic means in two formats:

  1. One archive must have the full version text, including the author identification, which will be published in ANPEC’s website if the work is approved.
  2. The other archive, which will be forward by ANPEC to the scientific committee for evaluation, must not contain the author’s and co-author’s name and institutional filiation, or any other element that can allow identification.

5. Selection System:

The selection will obey the blind review system, preserving anonymity of the authors. Each author can submit only one paper, even if the same author may be presented as co-author in other person’s submitted paper.

We reinforce that one of the archives that will be submitted through the online form must omit the information about the author(s), leading the text to be free of any indication that may permit recognition.

If the paper is submitted simultaneously in the ANPEC and SBE’s conference, it will also be excluded from our selection process.

The scientific committee members won’t be able to submit any papers (as an author or co-author) to the area in which they will be evaluators.


Area 1 – History of Economic Thought and Methodology

Danilo Fernandes - NAEA/UFPA
Pedro Duarte - USP

Area 2 – Political Economy

Daniel Lemos Jeziorny - UFBA
Eduardo Pinto - UFRJ

Area 3 – Economic History

Gilberto Marques - UFPA
Milena Fernandes - UNICAMP

Area 4 Macroeconomics, Monetary Economy and Finances

Fernando de Holanda Barbosa - FGV/RJ
Benjamin Tabak - UCB
Marcelo Portugal - UFRGS
André Modenesi - UFRJ

Area 5 – Public Sector’s Economy

Paulo Rogério Faustino Matos - CAEN/UFC
Enlinson Mattos - FGV/SP
Francis Carlo Petterini Lourenço - UFSC

Area 6 – Growth, Economic development and Institutions

Fabricio Missio - CEDEPLAR
Joilson Dias - UEM
José Luis da Silva Netto Júnior - UFPB

Area 7 – International Economy

André Nassif - UFF
Guilherme Valle Moura - UFSC
Giuliano Contento de Oliveira - UNICAMP

Area 8 – Microeconomics, quantitative methods and Finances

Wilfredo Maldonado - UCB
Edilean Kléber Aragón - UFPB
Carlos Santejo Saiani - UFU

Área 9 – Industrial and Technologic Economy

Rafael Vasconcelos - PIMES/UFPE
Anita Kon - PUC/SP
Ana Lúcia Tatsch - UFRGS

Área 10 – Regional and Urban Economy

Ana Carolina Lima - UERJ
Suzana Quinet Bastos - UFJF
Terciane Sabadini Carvalho - UFPR

Área 11 – Agricultural and Environment Economy

José Luiz Parré - UEM
Daniel Caixeta Andrade - UFU
Dênis Antônio da Cunha - UFV

Área 12 – Social and Demographic Economy

Sibelle Cornélio Diniz - CEDEPLAR
Luiz Guilherme Scorzafave - FEA-RP/USP
Gustavo Sampaio - PIMES/UFPE
Marco Túlio França - PUC/RS

Área 13 – Labor Economy

Cristine Pinto - FGV/SP
Paulo Loureiro - UNB
Raphael Corbi - USP

Sibelle Cornélio Diniz - CEDEPLAR
Luiz Guilherme Scorzafave - FEA-RP/USP
Gustavo Sampaio - PIMES/UFPE
Marco Túlio França - PUC/RS
Cristine Pinto - FGV/SP
Paulo Loureiro - UNB
Raphael Corbi - USP